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Service Issues Description of Complaint: this has been one of the worst business experiences of my life at first he told me he would pay me $350 if I refer 3 people but the paper he had me sign had a different amount but he told me not to worry about it. I only got paid for two people and only $50 per person.1 of the referrals was my mother-in-law who didn't get her cash advance because he messed up her paperwork also she had an issue with one of her dependents which he was not able to fix.

But even she has gotten paid already.I went in early in the middle of January to file my taxes it is April and I am still waiting there was an issue wherin the IRS had sent me a letter regarding my health insurance through the marketplace which I gave to my tax professional Willfette immediately so that he could fix it promptly. he told me he would give it to his assistant and get back with me the following day.3days went by and I finally contacted him at which time he told me that he didn't foresee an issue because my paperwork has been submitted and accepted by the IRS. 3 more weeks went by and when I was finally calling him and complaining he finally fixed the problem but he sat on it for 3 weeks. now it is April 5th and my return is finally here.

But 2 months ago I told him the card he gave me to load my direct deposit for my refund has been stolen he told me he cancelled it and that he was having the money sent to his bank account and he would release the funds to me once they were released to him. Now just today he told me he never cancelled the card and now I have to wait an additional 2 weeks till I receive a replacement card in the mail. I even found the card at one point and asked him if it was too late to still use it and he told me it was so I went ahead and cut it and disposed of it. And here he never even changed the direct deposit info.

This guy either doesn't know or doesn't care what he's doing. At 1 point he said he would loan me $100 because of all the trouble but when i actually tried to pick the money up he was unavailable and quit responding.

Review about: Dynasty Tax Services Tax Preparation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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